COVID 19 Update

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For the safety of you, your family and our staff we will be following the COVID-19 guidelines suggested by the National Christmas Tree Association


  • Our trees are socially distanced (at least 6 feet apart) please keep at least two trees between your family unit, other families,and our staff
  • We will frequently sanitize saws, tree cart handles,  measuring poles and other items handled by customers and helpers
  • Our family and helpers will wear face coverings when they are closer than 6 feet from customers
  • Dogs or other pets are discouraged, but if you do bring a dog it must be leashed at all times

Sales and Payment

  • You will be asked to remain in your vehicle and pay when you exit the property
  • We are working to provide touchless payment with credit cards or will sanitize the credit card device between customers
  • When paying by cash please bring the correct amount $70.00 with you to minimize the need for change

Protecting Customers

  • Staff temperatures will be taken daily, and they will not be permitted to help if they exhibit signs of illness
  • We ask you to stay home if you are feeling ill and reserve the right to deny service to anyone displaying signs of illness or not following our COVID guidelines
  • PPE will be provided for staff and they are required to wear facial coverings when social distancing is not possible

In order to improve your customer experience ( and to avoid crowding and parking issues), we have initiated a reservation system for 2021.  Click on the HOME button above to reserve your arrival time.

Click here for a link to: NCTA Choose & Cut COVID-19 Recommendations Final

Hours of Operation for 2021

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We officially open for business on November 26, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day  

Normal Hours of Operation:

Friday Nov 26 only: 10 AM to 5 PM   

SAT:  10 AM to 5 PM               

 SUN: 1 PM to 5 PM

We are currently scheduling arrival times on this day,  Saturdays and Sundays thru December 5.  Click on the HOME button above to learn how to reserve your arrival time.

Due to work and family commitments, we will not have regular hours on weekdays this year.  


2021 Pricing

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To simplify things we will only be selling Canaan Fir from our farm this year.

We have a good selection of trees from 6 to 10+ feet in height.

Price per tree is $70 for any sized tree

We will offer these options:

   1. You can either choose and cut your own tree (we’ve got the sanitized saws; you bring the muscle)

   2. We will cut the tree of your choice for you


Feel free to contact us by email ( or phone (740-288-4572) if you have questions.


Don’t forget to visit the HOME button to reserve your arrival time.

Please be Patient! We Have Very Limited Parking Space!

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If last weekend is any indicator of this coming weekend , we expect to be very busy on Saturday and Sunday (December 5th and 6th).  In order to be safe and to allow things to flow more quickly, we will only allow a limited number of vehicles in at any given time.

If the driveway is blocked with vehicles or Caution Tape,  please drive by and come back when there is an opening.  Please do not stop or park on State Route 93 or along the right of way.  Although the speed limit is only 45 MPH on this stretch of SR 93, many people drive much faster.   We are trying to gain access to some additional parking nearby and will let you know if that works out.

Poplar Row Nursery will be open on Saturday from 1 to 4 PM.  They have wreaths and poinsettias.  They are only about 1.5 miles south of us on State Route 93.  So if we’re busy consider paying them a visit while you wait. 

We appreciate your business, and thank you in advance for your patience! Merry Christmas, and Please be Safe!

The Apsley’s

Caring for your fresh cut tree

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A few pointers to make sure that your tree stays green and safe through out the Christmas season:

  1. Store  your tree in a cool place if you can’t put it up right away.
  2. Cut a thin slice (1/2 inch or so) from the bottom of the trunk immediately before placing it in water.
  3. Place tree in stand and fill with water as quickly as possible.
  4. Do not  place tree near a heat source.  Block registers close to tree if possible.
  5. Monitor water level at least once per day.  Do not allow the tree to run out of water!
  6. Turn off tree lights when you’re not in the room enjoying the tree!
  7. Let me know if you have problems!
  8. Most importantly!  Enjoy!